Chicory Week
Chicory Week
Seattle's Premier Chicory Festival

Chicory Week

& the Sagra di Radicchio


Seattle’s Premier Chicory Festival

Inspired by the sagre (festivals, usually honoring regional cuisine) of Italy, Chicory Week is a festive collaboration between local farms and Seattle’s best restaurants. This week and weekend is educational, delicious, social, and bitter in the best way.


We are Chicory Week

We are an organized group of farmers, food lovers, restaurateurs, and vegetable enthusiasts. For one week each year, we promote the heck out of radicchio and its place in the PNW food scene. Our goal is to increase radicchio consumption, production, and enjoyment by sharing our passion with others.

Though our focus is only one week, we live to celebrate radicchio whenever it is in season, and we support growers of other amazing local produce at all times.

You can participate by supporting your local foodshed and buying radicchio and other vegetables at farmers markets and local farms.


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